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Languages: English (native), Hebrew (native).

Programming: R, Matlab, SQL, Stan, Python, Git(Hub) (See my github profile).

Documentation: Office Suites, (R)Markdown/Quatro, Google Docs/Sheets.

Research Analysis: Statistical modeling, inference and visualization of survey, behavioral, and EEG data. Proficient in generalized linear / nonlinear mixed models, structural equation modeling, and their Bayesian equivalents.


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Last updated on 2023-04-23.


Mattan S. Ben-Shachar, PhD

I am a freelance research analyst and statistical consultant in service of the social sciences. I recently completed my PhD in neurocognitive psychology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, researching individual differences in processing speed using electroencephalography (EEG).

I am also an active R developer and statistical educator, and have provided support and consultation in these areas to numerous researchers, across several institutions. I am very opinionated about data analysis, inferential statistics and reproducible research, and am always happy to discuss these and related topics and to share from my expertise.

Professional Experience

Statistical Consultant & Research Analyst



Since 2016

I provide freelance consultation and research analysis services for the social sciences. I am deeply rooted in theory and methodology as both a lecturer and an R developer, while also mindful of the practical needs of researchers and academics. I provide guidance throughout all stages of the research process and decision-guided statistical analyses.

Statistics Lecturer



Since 2015

My teaching and instructing are focused on bachelor- and graduate-level statistics, research methods, and R programming.

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R Developer



Since 2016

  • Developer and maintainer of the effectsize package.
  • Developer of bayestestR, a package for describing and testing Bayesian posteriors.
  • Core developer of the easystats eco-system of packages - a collection of R packages aimed at making stats with R more accessible.

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Ph.D. in Psychology

Ben-Gurion University

Be’er Sheva, Israel


Thesis: The Electrophysiological Basis of Processing Speed
Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Berger

M.A. in Experimental Cognitive Psychology

Ben-Gurion University

Be’er Sheva, Israel


B.A. in Behavioral Sciences

Ben-Gurion University

Be’er Sheva, Israel